Pennsylvania’s Most Dangerous Counties and Diminished Value Claims

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Why is it important to know about diminished value in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has about 120,000 miles of roads and highways. In 2015 there were nearly 100 billion vehicle miles driven across the state.

That year saw 127,127 reportable traffic crashes in Pennsylvania, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. That means there are an average of 15 crashes every hour of every single day.

Based on Pennsylvania’s population, that works out to 1 out of every 44 people in the state being involved in an accident in 2015.

The counties with the highest percentages of accidents are:

  • Allegheny (10.0%)
  • Philadelphia (9.1%)
  • Montgomery (6.7%)
  • Bucks (4.7%)
  • Lancaster (4.4%)
  • Chester (3.9%)
  • Delaware (3.8%)
  • Berks (3.8%)
  • York (3.7%)
  • Lehigh (3.7%)
Source: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

 Those are big and scary numbers. But it’s actually an improvement over previous years, marking the state’s eleventh lowest accident total since 1950 when 113,748 crashes were reported.

Those accident totals mean tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians are eligible for Diminished Value compensation.

Diminished Value is what happens to your car if you’ve been in an accident. Your vehicle is almost always worth less if it has been in an accident, even after it is fully repaired. If you didn’t cause the accident, then you may be eligible for compensation

The average Diminished Value claim is worth $3800.

But to get what you are owed, you need to prove to the other driver’s insurance company how much less your vehicle is worth. can help. Simply plug in your vehicle details and some information on the accident and will give you an official report on your vehicle’s Diminished Value.

You can take that back to the insurance company and deal with them yourself. Or can connect you to a legal expert to help you get back what you are owed. And the lawyer doesn’t get paid until you do.

Even better, it’s free. There’s no charge at all to get your Diminished Value report.

So don’t pay the price for someone else’s mistake. Get back what you’re owed with



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