This Popular Car Color Is In More Accidents

WreckCheck White Jeep

There are thousands of accidents every day in the United States, and thousands of people that might be owed compensation for the Diminished Value of their vehicle.

You might not think that a vehicle’s color makes any difference in the likelihood of an accident. Turns out that it does.

According to research done by, one color is responsible for over 25% of car accidents – white.

Yep, one-quarter of all the car accidents in the US involve white cars. While white is a popular car color, it only accounts for about 18% of vehicles.

Weird right?

That’s 9% higher than the next color with the most frequent accidents – blue. And 10% higher than red, the third most common color for a vehicle in accident.

So if you own a white, blue or red car, the odds of you getting in a car accident get a bit higher. And the average American will end up getting into an accident 3 or 4 times in their lifetime.

So you should know about Diminished Value. That’s what happens to a car that’s been in accident, even when it’s fully repaired. It will always be worth less than the same car that wasn’t in an accident.

So if you didn’t cause that accident, you are entitled to compensation for Diminished Value. The average Diminished Value claim is worth $3800 – that’s after repairs.

But to get that compensation, you need to prove how much less your car is worth. can help. Simply enter some information about your vehicle and the damage it received in the accident and you’ll be given a Certified Diminished Value report. You can use that in dealing with the other driver’s insurance company.

The best part? It’s free.

If you’re getting hassled by that insurance company or simply don’t want to deal with it by yourself, can also connect you with legal experts in Diminished Value claims that only get paid if you do.

So if you’ve been in an accident in any color car, visit today to get back what you are owed.


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