Been In A Car Accident? You Need To Know About Diminished Value

What is diminished value, and how can I use the free online diminished value calculator and WreckCheck’s services to get compensation from my insurance company?

Car accidents happen. A lot.

They can range from frustrating and annoying fender benders to something much more serious, and they are almost impossible to avoid. The reality is the average American gets into a car accident between 3 and 4 times during their lifetime.

So the odds are against you, but don’t lose hope. If you’ve been hit by another driver you need to know about Diminished Value.
What Is Diminished Value?

Diminished Value is what happens to almost every car after an accident. Even when a damaged car is fully repaired, it will still be worth less than the same car that wasn’t in an accident.

Think about it – if you had the choice of two identical cars, would you buy the one that had been in the accident? Of course not. That’s what causes its value to drop by as much as 30 percent.

If you didn’t cause the accident, you are probably owed compensation for Diminished Value from the other driver’s insurance company. That’s true even if it happened a few years ago or if you no longer own the vehicle. It’s the law.

Get What You Are Owed

But to get that compensation from the insurance company, you need to prove how much less your vehicle is worth.

That’s where helps.

This easy-to-use web site lets you plug in details about your car and the accident, and gives you a certified Diminished Value report to use when dealing with the insurance company. can also connect you to lawyers who specialize in Diminished Value claims if you want help along the way.

Best of all, WreckCheck’s services are free. You can even use our free online diminished value calculator. And the legal experts only get paid if you do.

Check out a few testimonials from satisfied customers, and find out more at today!

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