WreckCheck Got This Volkswagen Golf Driver A Check For Over $2600

A WreckCheck client was recently involved in an unlucky situation in Washington, D.C.

His Volkswagen Golf was parked outside of his residence when the vehicle was struck by a reckless driver. It turned out that this driver had been involved in a few different hit and run accidents in a short period of time, and had actually hit 6 other cars by the time he was taken into custody.

All of a sudden, the VW Golf driver had a few problems on his hands. There was the immediate problem of the $11,138.86 in damages on his car, but after that was taken care of and fully repaired, he had another problem: diminished value.

Even though his car had been fully repaired, it was still worth less on the market because it had been in an accident. Diminished Value is no joke — it can cost drivers thousands of dollars, and most of them don’t even find out until they try to sell their car years later.

Luckily, this driver came to WreckCheck.com. Our expert team calculated his diminished value, provided him with a certified report detailing the damage and proper compensation, and supplied him with free legal assistance in pleading his case. He eventually received $2675 in Diminished Value compensation from the other driver’s insurance company!

The client was over the moon, and wrote us to say so:

“Thank you WreckCheck.com! This week we received a check for the full amount from the insurance company. I appreciate the help of your team in getting it done.”

If you were in an accident and it wasn’t your fault, you could be eligible for thousands in Diminished Value compensation. Contact WreckCheck.com today or call us at 1-844-WreckDV to turn your crash into cash!

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