How WreckCheck Helped a Toyota Camry Driver Cash a Check for $1400

It’s hard to beat the convenience of having a car. No train, bus, streetcar or shuttle can compete with the car in terms of sheer reliability and usefulness. But sometimes, driving a car can have its own challenges.

One of our clients, a Toyota Camry driver, was cruising down the street in Atlantic County, NJ. He was startled by a driver making an inappropriate left turn right in front of him, and even more surprised when the vehicle slammed right into his passenger side door. His car sustained almost $7,000 in damages.

Luckily, he looked into Diminished Value and stumbled upon Even though his 2011 Camry had been fully repaired, we told him that it was still worth $1,400 less than before the accident. With our help, he decided to go after the other driver’s insurance company for the compensation that was rightfully his.

Judging by the statement he sent us, we think he was pretty pleased with WreckCheck’s work:

“If you are looking for someone to represent you as an expert witness to the diminished value of your automobile after an accident caused by the other party, then look no further. I strongly suggest you let do the job.”

He continues: “In court, their expert witness answered the opposing attorney’s dozen or so questions without hesitation, to the dismay of the opposing attorney. The Judge awarded me the full amount we requested plus court costs.”

So there you have it. Another day, another case in the books. Contact today if you think that your car has been negatively affected by Diminished Value – we’ll help you turn your crash into cash.

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