What does Diminished Value Mean to YOU? Ask an Expert!

Time to play ‘Ask an Expert’ and get some answers about Diminished Value from a legal perspective! Michael J. Sacks is the Director of Communications and Client Services at Kimmel and Silverman, P.C.:

It has been estimated that the auto-insurance industry skims or denies billions of dollars annually off the top of legitimate auto accident claims.

We find that auto insurers traditionally provide less compensation when consumers are not represented. And one thing that they frequently do not offer is diminished value, or how much the trade in or resale value has dropped as a result of the accident damage.

If you don’t demand this compensation, and provide the necessary data to back up the claim, the insurance company is not going to automatically write a check to cover what could be a significant loss.

Even if the body work is performed to perfection, the trade in value of your vehicle drops significantly. The car or truck is no longer worth what it was; the paint is second-hand; parts are replaced; the condition can even deteriorate further over time.

Wouldn’t you pay less for damaged goods, even if they were repaired to look like new?

And that damage carries over and will forever affect the value of the vehicle throughout its entire life. The vehicle will never be worth the same as it was prior to the accident.

That’s why WreckCheck.com is here to help distressed drivers. Your vehicle may have been hit but that does not mean you also have to take a hit in your wallet.

Let WreckCheck get you back on the road to recovery with the compensation that you rightfully deserve. It’s time to turn your crash into cash.

Before you file or settle your claim, call us for a complimentary consultation.

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