Been in an Accident? Here’s How Diminished Value Can Help

In today’s world, it’s getting harder to hide things from the permanent record.

Every tweet is stored, every picture is saved, and services like Carfax make sure every accident you’re involved in stays on your vehicle’s history report for years. As we’re learning now, even Facebook keeps and uses data from all of its active accounts.

Most Americans will be in a car accident 3 or 4 times in their lifetime. Those accidents can come back to bite you when you’re trying to sell or trade in your car.

In some cases, the fact that a car has been in an accident can lower its market value by 20% – and that’s even after all the repairs are made.

That’s called Diminished Value.

Why does diminished value exist? It’s simple.

When given the choice between two identical vehicles, most customers will take the one that hasn’t been in an accident. This punishes drivers who have been in accidents, even if the accident wasn’t their fault and the vehicle has been repaired.

This seems unfair, but that’s why diminished value laws exist.

If you can prove how much value your vehicle lost in an accident, you can make the other driver’s insurance company pay.

Drivers can often receive thousands of dollars in diminished value compensation.

WreckCheck helps people turn their crash into cash every day. Our free diminished value calculator asks you to enter a few details about your car and accident. Then it puts together a certified report that can be used to make insurance companies pay up.

You can file your claim alone, or you can use a lawyer from the WreckCheck network of nationally recognized diminished value specialists.

The whole process is free, and the lawyer doesn’t get paid until you do. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t let an accident wreck the value of your car. Visit today and take back the cash you’re owed.

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